Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vs Academic Integrity (AI) in Law and Society


  • Tasnuva Shelley Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh



Artificial Intelligence, Academic Integrity, Ethics, Plagiarism, Technology in Education


Artificial Intelligence (AI) having its ever-evolving nature and far-reaching implications in law and society has become too great to be ignored by individuals, educators, businesses, and regulators globally. AI systems with specific sets of rules to conduct a particular task existed in our society for many decades in the form of voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, Google's search or Google map’s algorithm, and even the recommendation engines on Netflix or Amazon have been through the use of AI all these years. So why is this sudden need for thorough examination of this technology having remarkable capabilities and its unprecedented adoption facing the controversy of harming contemporary education’s integrity? For Bangladesh, to a large extent, it has been the rise of tech startups accelerating AI penetration where the abundance of collecting and mining educational data of the learners came with ethical implications. A survey conducted for this paper identified the impact of AI on college and university teachers which was critical for addressing the concerns about AI and its short and long-term impacts on education systems generally. This paper attempts to explore the intricate dual relationship between AI and academic integrity (ai), in law making it imperative to critically examine the unintended consequences by addressing some of the misconceptions regarding the use of AI in education, while acknowledging its potential benefits for society and educational institutions without compromising on academic integrity in law and society. By having a responsive approach to the changes brought about by AI in law & to uphold academic integrity in our society, rethinking and redeveloping the educational programs is the way to make an impact on our education and training systems which will only grow further and further in the future of Smart Bangladesh.

Author Biography

Tasnuva Shelley , Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

MBA (ITU, California, USA), LL.M. (Law & Economics, Antonin Scalia Law School, Virginia, USA), BVC (City Law School, Lincoln’s Inn, UK), LLB(Hons) (University of London, UK). 





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